Create Unforgettable Christmas Memories with Your Family!

The magic of Christmas sweeps us off our feet every year. It's in the laughter of our children as they send letters to Santa, the glow of lights that twinkle like stars, and the comforting aroma of hot cocoa and cinnamon that fills the air. It's a season that whispers joy and sings the melody of family, love, and togetherness.

At La Bella Sole Photography, we don't just capture these moments; we breathe life into them. With our enchanting, interactive themed portraits, we invite your family to step into a Christmas wonderland. Watch your children's eyes light up as they create snowballs, savor a marshmallow, wrap a present, or share a secret with Santa. Each set is designed to not only take a photograph but to create an experience, a memory, a tradition. Join us this festive season, and let's make this Christmas not just wonderful but truly unforgettable.

This year we are offering a variety of different set options that will be available on select days in November 2023.

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Each 30 minute themed session is $55

It's the most wonderful time of the year!

Christmas at La Bella Sole Photography

We invite you to come spend Christmas at La Bella Sole Photography. When you walk through the doors of our studio you will be whisked away into your happy Christmas place. It may still be hot outside, but inside our wonderland will make you forget the heat and think only of Christmas!

Oh and be sure to look for Peppermint the Elf! She is always up to a little bit of mischief while hiding from the kids.

Create Unforgettable Christmas Memories with Your Family!

What your Christmas Experience includes:

  • Theme of your choice (themes are on set days)

  • 30 minute holiday experience

  • Holiday treats and drinks

  • Cinematic viewing and ordering session

  • 10% off any holiday card order

Candy Land Lane


Saturday, November 4th

A Sugar-Spun Wonderland Awaits! 🍬❄️

Welcome to Candy Land Lane, where winter's chill meets the delightful warmth of a candy-coated wonderland. La Bella Sole invites you and your children to frolic and play on a street lined with sweet surprises and sprinkled with snowflakes.

In this magical setting, pastel color candy decorate the cheerful buildings. The entire street is alive with Christmas charm, painted in beautiful pastels, snowy whites, and sparkling with festive glimmers.

Children will explore this sugary landscape with eyes wide with wonder, pretending to shop in candy stores or dance with snowmen made of marshmallows.

With every step and giggle, your children will become a part of the CandyLand Lane story, their innocence and joy captured in each photograph. From sharing a magical gumdrop, or huge lollipop, to leaving footprints in the snow, these candid moments will become treasures you'll cherish forever.

This scene could be so fun for families.

Rustic Holiday


Saturday, November 11th

Cozy Up in our beautiful Rustic Holiday set. 🎄🍪

Imagine the excitement of Christmas morning, the magic of waking up in a winter wonderland, the sweetness of gingerbread and cocoa in the air. Now, you can capture those precious moments ahead of time in La Bella Sole's enchanting Christmas Scene!

it's a delightful setting that could only come straight from a Christmas fairytale.

Dressed in warm sweaters, maybe matching hats, you will share giggles and dreams of Santa's arrival. Watch their eyes twinkle as they enjoy fresh-baked cookies and steamy hot cocoa, just like they would on Christmas Eve.

This set is perfect for the Whole Family! And will look great on your walls every year as a celebrated holiday memory! You get to become your own Christmas decor that will be the subject of conversation every year!

This scene too is perfect for families.

Snowman Flurry


Sunday, November 12th

Where Elegance Meets Tradition 🕯️🎄

Welcome to a world of understated elegance, where the soft glow of a lights and the gentle twinkle of Christmas snowmen, is a setting that feels like home, yet enchants with the magic of the season.

Introducing the Enchanted Snow Man Flurry. exclusively designed for La Bella Sole Photography by our background artists.

As you step into this outdoor scene, you are greeted by a rich, warm ambiance that speaks of love, and togetherness. The colors are so fun, and our snowman is the cutest. Pops of bright red and blue along with whites would be perfect!

This is not just a place for a photograph; it's a space where families can truly be together. Dressed in your holiday best, you will gather, embrace, and share in the joy of a Christmas that feels both timeless and intimate.

This scene too is perfect for families.

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Once your session date and time are confirmed, get ready to enjoy Christmas at La Bella Sole! Can you smell the peppermint in the air?

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Meet Your Photographer

As a mom of 8, I know firsthand how special each and every Christmas spent with family can be. The memories of Christmas past always seem to shine bright in our hearts and minds. As parents we work hard to make sure that each Christmas is as special for our children as the memories we have from growing up.

With today’s busy schedules, especially around the holidays,

I know that most families struggle with trying to find time for a portrait session and often “wait until next year”. The problem is the years fly by, the portraits never get created and our children grow up right before our eyes.

When you open the doors to our studio a magical Christmas portrait adventure awaits! We have made capturing forever moments an easy process for the parents, from dreaming up the perfect Christmas scene to creating finished gifts and cards perfect for holiday gift giving.

My passion for children’s photography has come from watching my own children grow and change. I am obsessed with finding ways to slow down time and having the ability to remember every detail of their childhood.

Let me help you capture that childlike wonder of the Magic of Christmas for your family. These are the days you will never want to forget!

Hi! I'm Shae Gines, the Santa approved owner of La Bella Sole Photography! I believe that photographs are the key to preserving the magic of childhood.

As my client’s children grow and change the portraits I create become a collection of memories that reminds them of the years their children spent filling their homes with joy and laughter.


Come celebrate Christmas with us at La Bella Sole Photography!

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